Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Outing #2

I got out for about an hour or so yesterday to shoot after all of the running around I get to do on Fridays. I was feeling one of the fabulous black and white image moods so that is what I shot. I had been looking at this location for a few days. I drive by it a lot to take my husband to work, and I liked the lack of light yesterday so ... I stopped. Here's what I came back with ...

I was trying to hook up with my cousin who offered me a sweet deal. She would teach me all she knew about photography if I taught her how to post in the online community I talked her into joining a while ago. She has been really busy with school and has not had the time to learn about posting. I told her of course she has a deal. I can show her how to do that stuff in 10 minutes flat, unlike me she can remember things ... So I am sure I will only have to go threw it all once.

I also took another image that I wanted to post in this posting, I also took one of the photos and did some filter work to it. I used Poster Edges and Ink Outlines on it!! ... So enough with the excited rambling, and on with the photos already!!


Josh Jones said...

wow that first image is stunning, I love the contrast between the tree and the darkness behind it, great shooting!

Winnie said...

Thanks Josh, I have been driving by that view for about a month loving it, So I decided to capture it to hang on my wall.