Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chittenango Creek

I do not really have the ability anymore to adventure on this creek the way I want to, so I picked a place I could pull my car off the road safely on and walked to the creek shore. I wanted to get right down into the creek, but I was afraid I would fall and break myself in some other location upon myself, so I did not try this. I found a spot along the creek that I liked with a small cascade in it and shot it from different angles.
The sun was behind me. I think I like the affect, but it also makes it too dark in other places, and I am not all that experienced at "fixing" things like this, but I do like how a lot of the images turned out. Here is another image from this shoot.

I also took this shot in black and white format. I think I like it better that way ... I enjoy Black and White Photography a lot. It is simple, yet very beautiful in it's own way.

Endless Mountains

Okay ... I never got to go on my little wind back in time trip. I decided I was not really into seeing if I could find myself in a situation I would not want to be in, so I decided I would do something I have been wanting to do for a while instead, and had the time to do it. I have got this thing for the hills surrounding the area I live in. They are all around me, it does not matter which direction you turn in .. They are there. I decided I wanted to try out a few different shots because I have never really given landscape shots a fair chance to really bloom. Here are a few of my favorites.