Monday, March 2, 2009

Comments on my posts ...

To my normal readers ... This has nothing to do with you, so please do not feel offended by it, I just think my past is starting to come to haunt me here ... and to think ... I thought I could get away from that nightmare if I just ignored it ... I guess the joke is on me. I was hoping I would not have to deal with these people harassing me here, but I just might have to. I thought I would never have to touch this subject here, but I guess I will have to.

I erased a comment today from my last post that I found to be a bit rude. I accidentally spelled Random ... Randon ... Oops!! We all have our days. I do a lot of typing in a day typically, and I sometimes make mistakes ... We are all human, if one cannot deal with that fact!! I guess it would have to suck to be you!!

I guess all I can really say to people who think they are better than the next person is ... If you do not like something someone writes, says, does or what have you than you have the choice to not bother with it and move on. It really is just that simple!!

I am not going to take it from anyone here ... This is my little place on the Internet, and I won't have mean people ruining it for me. You comments will be deleted it they are rude, hurtful, or just plain uncalled for ... and that is the bottom line!

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