Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Thoughts Today ...

I have been a bit in the dumps since it turned really cold. My knee did a total 180 and has not totally bounced back yet. I am learning to deal with the new pain, but it is slow and hard. It has left me feeling a bit overly sensitive and easily tempered, so I have been avoiding certain situations, but it has caused me to deal with one pressing situation that has made my photography buddy leave adventures with me, but it had to be done.

We are no longer moving this month. We re-newed our lease for another year. I think it might be better this way because if the person we were going to roommate with cannot come up with their share of things now ... than I would have to worry about weather or not they could keep up and I do not make the money to cover their share of things too ... I have to cover my husband's bills all of the time. He is my responsibility and that is the only reason I do.

I took my father for some testing he needed to have done in Syracuse yesterday. I hope he remembers to tell me the results because I want to be sure he is okay. He has not been feeling too well. He has had 2 heart attacks, Chemical Meningitis, and his Appendix removed this year alone. I wish he would listen to his doctor, but we all know how stubborn our dad's can be. He just says it is his life and he will live it his way.

I have not been taking any photos for a couple of weeks now ... except for my cats of course, but I have nothing to share. They really did not turn out like I hoped and because of my mood ... They got deleted. I am glad that digital camera were invented because they save a ton of money!

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