Thursday, January 15, 2009

Indoor Disaster?

I decided to try out some indoor photography tonight because I am tired of just going to work and coming home, and I think I am going to have to look up somethings to help me with this issue because I cannot seem to get the lighting right. It might have been the combination of the last of light I used and the candles I am not sure. Here are the photos I took using some editing software (Photoshop Elements 6).

This photo I tried not so use the flash because I wanted to see the detail in the candle as well as the light from the candle.

In this photo I tried to darken it some because it was really bright. I think I just have too many elements going at the same time. The dark background, The candle light, and not enough or too much back lighting.

I like the composition of this photo, but I do not like the way it came out. The original un-edited photo was really bright. I tried it minus the flash and it just came out really blurry. I might try this project again, but not without some serious studying on the topic first.

I like the composition of this photo as well, but I see that it is not as sharp as I would like, and that the candles blurred with the flash ... Just too much wrong.


Rochester CC Photography said...

Hey Winnie, If you are gonna take the shot without a flash make sure you use a tripod because you are slowing down the shutter speed enormously. Pics will be sharp that way. If you are using a tripod, also use a remote or the timer function on the camera. Nice attempts.

Winnie said...

Thanks Chris. I have not played with the manual functions on my camera too much. Most of what I shoot is done with the auto settings. I decided it was time to be brave. I do have a tripod, but it was in my husbands car the night I felt like trying this out. I however have to find out if I have a place for a remote on this camera. I know I have a timer I can use if not.

Thanks for the advise. I read something like that in Josh's blog as well. I will keep working on this. I want to get as good as you guys :-)