Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tail Light

Okay ... This one is more of a rant than anything else because when I saw it ... I was a bit upset because my car has been sitting in my driveway for a month and I have not driven it any where.

I went out on one of the many snowy mornings to clean the snow off from my car and start it up so the battery does not die while I wait for it to get warm enough for the hood release to us freeze so I can take my car to get fixed, and as I was cleaning off my car I saw this ...

I was thinking "wtf" that was not like that when I parked it. I think the snow pow hit it, or that crazy freaking neighbor of mine. Because it is an older car ... I do not keep full coverage on it .. So now before I can get it inspected in March I have to come up with the money to replace the darn lens because someone did not tell me they hit my car. I guess it goes to show me that not everyone in the world is honest.

I know it could have been worse, but it is still annoying.


Josh Jones said...

All hell would break loose if that happened to mine... could be an ice ball off a snow blower, one almost broke my windshield today, keep an eye on those neighbors though ;)

Winnie said...

I got a bit heated ... I called the landlord and she told me to contact my insurance company. I think it was the salt truck or the maintenance man with the snow blower! Either way ... I have one word to say ... and I cannot say it here :-). Thanks for the comment Josh