Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter ... The Other Photography Season

I have a lot to learn about shooting in the snow. I think I have to keep in mind the time of the day that I am going out because of the shadows ... I get that wonderful blue color in the snow ... and I am not experienced enough with Photoshop to see if I can turn it white again (See below).

I found some interesting places to visit with all of the recent snow in my area of the woods, and I decided to try to take some photos from the car while I was traveling back and forth to work. I love the winter time .. I just cannot stand the cold.
I have a of photo that is different. The one is really dark, but it was done intentionally because I was in a strange mood. I kept the spots of bright light in it intentionally as well. I am not sure what it is about it, but I think it is creepy ... and that for some reason is sort of awesome to me at this point.


Josh Jones said...

great shots, I really love the 2nd one!

Winnie said...

Thanks Josh!

Rochester CC Photography said...

I really like the the last black and white one Winnie!

Winnie said...

Thanks Chris ... I knew you would :-) ... I think it was your photos from the photo challenge that took me there! I love them. I wanted to try out the darker side per say, and the original photo was not something that turned out so wonderful, but it sure hit the mood!