Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

My husband and I had to go out to get some groceries on Friday (12.19.08) during a really nasty snow storm. We sat threw the traffic on the return trip home for 2 hours .. just to get threw 2 city blocks. We found out that the big hold up was because someone needed to be rushed to the medical center and they could not get the ambulance up the hill because the road conditions were so bad. They had to get an all-terrain vehicle to transport the person from the injury location to the bottom of the hill to get the person to the ambulance.

I cannot believe the traffic was backed up so bad. I took photos as we were trying to get threw this intersection to get home. The snow fall was between and inch to two inches an hour, if not more. It was coming down hard and fast and that was about all we knew. Our windshield wipers actually froze to the windshield because we were going so slow. I think 1 car from each intersection was getting threw each time the road light changed.

I got to take a few interesting photos as well, but I only found one that I really liked and it seemed to capture just what I was looking to capture. The speed the snow was falling. We were stopped in front of a parking garage for the longest time. There was a pedestrian that was moving faster than we were ... all I did was laugh at the irony in that. I took a photo of the exit to the parking garage because it gave me a solid object to center on and allowed the snow to appear as I was seeing it ... a big blur.

The quiet after the storm was almost deafening to me. I could not believe the difference between the beginning of the day and the middle of the day. Amazing!!!

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