Monday, November 2, 2009

Update ...

Well, The car is all fixed. It looks like it was never in an accident. I have no desire to drive it, The husband things I will change my mind, but once I usually make up my mind, I stick to it. It is just making up my mind that is usually the issue.

I just need my arm to fall in line, Working with the pain in it is really hard because I type for a living. I have been doing it one handed, and it is annoying and slow. I have pain control medication, but ... I do not think my boss would like it if I were sleeping on the clock.

I have not been out to shoot in a few months now. I have the occasional thing, Like the arrival of the Great Nephew (family stuff), but nothing that I can really post.

Hope all is well with my readers. Take care all. I will get out shooting again soon, just need to get past the recovery stage from the accident first or the Capture Rochester Party, Whichever comes first.

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