Monday, June 8, 2009

Seneca Park Zoo - Trip 2

I decided to take a trip with my cousin to Rochester the last Saturday in May. I had a whole day planned, but it did not work out. We went to the Seneca Park Zoo and went to a local pizza place in West Henrietta (Which by the way had excellent pizza). My ankle had swollen up pretty bad as it usually does when I get too active. I wish I could have prevented that accident from ever taking place, my adventures would be more fun and a lot more productive if I did not have all of the issues to deal with that came with my injury. I get by however ... It's just a pain a lot of the time and prevents me from doing things I want to do in a lot of ways.
I got to take some photos while I was at the zoo. I did not go past the Polar Bears the last time I went to this zoo because I was a little worried about the small hill to finish out the zoo, but I decided to try it this time. I found a new animals that were not there the last time I was there, They are the Olive Baboons. I just love their attitudes. We sat and watched them for about 10 minutes, and I found it funny how the one mother was like ... Get off me to her babies. She took off running with them trying to keep up.
Spotted Hyenas We saw quite a few different animals, I only took photos of a few because I just did not feel like trying to get my camera to behave on some of the inside exhibits. We skipped the building with the insects and frogs in it all together. I guess I just don't get all excited over things hopping and swimming around. I love the big animals, You know ...
Olive Baboons

White Tiger (Just A Zoo Visitor)

Polar BearsBig beautiful creatures of the world. I wanted to check out some of the Cemeteries, and some of the downtown sites ... but I guess that will have to happen another time. I think I tired out my cousin after the zoo, and I think she felt bad about my leg, but there is nothing I can do about it, It is what it is and I live with it.

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Mersad said...

The Polar Bear image is amazing. What a wonderful animal!

Winnie said...

Thanks Mersad. I love Polar Bears. Very time I get to the Rochester Area ... I always stop at the zoo!!