Monday, January 5, 2009

Stuck In Syracuse

I went to visit one of my best friends in Syracuse Sunday and an Ice Storm blew threw sometime while I was there. We heard that planes that the local airport could not take off it was so slippery, So we looked out the window and sure enough ... The roads were a sheet of ice. I decided I was not going to head home until the morning because I did not want to have a second visit with Black Ice this winter. I got lucky the first time around ... I did not want to tempt fate.

She has this awesome house that she rents and because her place rocks and mine sucks ... I decided to take some photos while I was there. I seemed to love this wall piece she had hanging from her wall, and I took two photographs of it a black and white shot and a color shot.

I got this new photography book (The Digital Photography Book - By Scott Kelby), and I wanted to try out some of the things it had to make your shots look more like the professionals. Check them out below. I found this book to be pretty easy to understand ... for all I have read of it so far. It covers a lot of stuff, and I cannot wait to get out and try them out.

Those were all that I have processed at this point from my visit. I have a few more keepers to process, but I want to try some other sharpening techniques to them first and I will be posting them.


Josh Jones said...

that first one is pretty creepy!

Winnie said...

Thanks ... That was my hope!