Sunday, January 25, 2009

Returning to Places Again

I read a blog by a fellow blogger / photographer that made me want to post a few photos on the same type of subject. I went to Chittenango Falls State Park quite a few times within the last couple of years and I took photos of two different points above the falls at two different times of the year. These photos are in an unedited state and straight from my camera. I saved them to a CD for editing at a later date, but I have not gotten around to it, I am just using them for topic.

Taken 10/02/07
Taken 01/19/08

The angles on this next set might be slightly different, but I was standing in the same place as I was the first time around. The only difference between the 2007 photos and the 2008 photos is the camera I used to take them with. I started off with a Kodak Easyshare C310 and graduated to a Kodak Easyshare ZD710.

Taken 09/14/07

Taken 01/19/08

I have always thought it was amazing how much the seasons can change the appearance of a place. I love this waterfall the best during the winter season. It is a very special place to me. I go here when I just want to get lost and take lots of pictures because the beauty of it for me is just the beginning.


Rochester CC Photography said...

I like these Winnie. Now catch the other two seasons and create a poster of sort...nice!

Josh Jones said...

great shots winnie!

Winnie said...

Thanks Guys! I had that exact thought Chris. I love this place. I plan to go visit in the spring ... like early spring!