Monday, November 17, 2008

Tombstones #2

I was thinking about people in my life that were important to me and tried to associate them with the current photo challenge that I am taking part in within the community I am in, and I learned something new about my grandfather that died in 2003 and I found that he was a WWII veteran. My other Grandfather was also a war vetera, but he is resting in the town my brother lives in and it was not in the budget to travel this weekend, but I am hoping I can get out there before the end of November.

I got out to get a few more photos of tombstones this past week. I am really getting into this photo challenge for some reason. I started it just to try it, and as I learn about some of the people who are in these resting places ... I want to shoot more and learn more. I still want to get out and shoot some black and whites of some of these places. I went to see my father on Friday and he told me about a place on Connecticut Hill that has people who have been resting since the 1500's. We are going to plan a trip out there because I would get lost in that place. Here are some more of the photos I shot while I was out.

A Cornell University Professor

Just a stone that I thought was beautiful

A Tribute to the fallen soilders of this area

A small place on a back country road that appears abandoned of care

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