Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Random Outing Of 2009

My husband and I got in the car over the holiday weekend and drove to the gas station, filled it up, picked a direction and just drove. We have not been able to afford to do this for a while, but decided the block party that was forming around our house for the second day in a row was getting a little out of hand, and I wanted to get out and shoot some sunsets. We drove around Cayuga Lake. I had a blast, and he took a much needed nap. Here are a few of the things I came back with.

First stop ... Taughannock Falls

This was taken along some side road along the lake

A wonderful sunset

I love just getting in the car and going. You never know what you will come back with until you upload it to the computer and take a good look at it. My next adventure is to Rochester this coming weekend. I hope I will come back with some good stuff. My cousin Erma is coming with me. We planned to check out Letchworth State Park, George Eastman House, Seneca Park Zoo, and some of the surrounding parks, waterfalls and whatever else we come across.


Ian Bines Design-Photography said...

love the second last shot, amazing...

Winnie said...

Thanks Ian!!